About Us

The Brainwave

As a new mum living in London, having spent most of her childhood in the States, but with many trips to India while growing up - Ashini wanted for her daughter to grow up celebrating Holi as much as Halloween, and realised that many new parents today are in the same boat. Across various cultures, there is this desire to carry on cultural traditions as well as explore new ones.

That is where the idea for Zeezeezoo was born, to create something for the multicultural parents who are raising their kids as global citizens. The mantra is to create a more worldly canvas of designs for the little ones in our lives.


What Sets us Apart

Multicultural Influences - Celebrating beautiful cultures from around the world, our collection includes bodysuits, tees, bibs, blankets, and other things like multilingual flashcards and wall prints.

Hand-drawn Designs - Whether you have a little one in your lap or on the way, or are looking for a unique gift, our collection offers hand illustrated and beautifully crafted designs.

Natural Organic Cotton - Socially responsible, comfortable, and pure - our organic Indian cotton is brought to life through rich and light-hearted references from around the world.

The Team

ASHINI - A free spirited globetrotter who has lived in 3 continents, and traveled to 6. This creative, adventure loving chocoholic finds her days (and nights) filled with juggling her two latest adventures - Zeezeezoo and motherhood!

RAHIL - A chartered accountant by accident who has a love-hate relationship with numbers. This bollywood-loving, paneer-eating, fat fitbit-er is an e-commerce junkie who tracks his ordered shipments no less than 5 times a day!


The Organic Decision

For you, to be sure that you are purchasing something pure, and fair. For your babies, to be comfortable in natural and soft fabric. For the environment, to be free from harmful chemicals, as non-organic cotton requires more pesticides and insecticides than any other crop. For the people who pick the cotton, to not have to work in an unsafe and toxic environment to earn their living.

From picking to printing, our supply chain is certified as per the global organic textile standard, GOTS.