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Sizing Chart

Onesies and Tees Size Chart
0-3 months Height of Garment 33cm Chest Circumference 45cm Waist Circumference 44cm
3-6 months Height of Garment 38cm Chest Circumference 48cm Waist Circumference 50cm
6-12 months Height of Garment 41cm Chest Circumference 51cm Waist Circumference 52cm
12-18 months Height of Garment 36cm Chest Circumference 46cm Waist Circumference 47cm
18-24 months Height of Garment 36cm Chest Circumference 48cm Waist Circumference 49cm

1-2 years


Height of Garment 39 cm

Chest Circumference


Waist Circumference 


2-3 years


Height of Garment  40

Chest Circumference


Waist Circumference 61 cm 
3-4 years Height of Garment 43

Chest Circumference


Waist Circumference


Please note:
1. Sizes given as an estimate, may vary slightly from piece to piece. 
2. Everything is made from organic knit cotton, a stretchy material.
Blanket Length 86cm Width 74cm
Burp Cloth Length 40cm Width 22cm
Bib Neck Size First Button 26cm Second Button 28cm

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