Here we go...

Months of planning and here we are. The first post. The uncertainty of new beginnings. The hope of a fun-filled adventure. The pressure of performance. The persistence to make it happen. The endless discussions,
debates, debriefs.

Here we are.

A venture we believe in. Friends and family at our side. Spreadsheets and strategies before us.

Here we are.

Who we are: Zeezeezoo. Proudly creating a more worldly canvas of designs for the little ones in our lives.

What we are: a startup focusing on bringing out what is relevant to your roots to be a part of raising your baby. Onesies, tees, bibs, blankets. Soft organic cotton comes to life through vibrant hand-illustrated designs with a nod to your roots.

Where we are: launching a small proof of concept collection in india, the us and the uk.

When we are: soon! April or may (depending on where you live)

Why we are: to make the world a more connected place through a collection of socially responsible children's products. to inspire new ways to express whimsy and culture. and of course to follow our dreams.

Can't wait to see what the coming months unfold. Stick around and join us
on our journey...

Happy Zeezeezooing.