Zeezeezoo - The Beginning (Part - 1)

Rahil and I were both keen that we open our virtual doors to our audiences (aka you guys) a little before the products were ready.  We wanted to have you join in on our journey, at least for a part of it.

So over the next couple weeks, we are going to share with you bits and pieces of the past 6 months - various experiences, decisions, and rationales...starting here.

How did the story begin?

In this age of over usage of cell phones and tablets and computers and TV, (I feel very old saying this, but) I realise that there is a true benefit  to unplug. To have downtime. It is really underrated I think. Because it is in that empty space where I believe most thoughts occur.

My daughter Sarina was born about 16 months ago, and l found myself in a whole new world. But soon enough my 'new' became my 'norm' and my life was filled with all things baby. I’d walk into a store and head straight for the baby section, I would go online and visit mommy blogs or baby sites, and I had lots of new mum friends so our conversations would always revolve around our babies.

One afternoon late last summer I was taking a walk enjoying the last of the warm days. Sarina was content and drowsy in her stroller, and I was happily catching up on phone calls, when my phone died. I was cursing myself for not charging my phone before I left home. I could have been so efficient - called back my long list of return calls, answered a few emails, texted back a few friends, if only…

When I finished my internal rant, I put the phone away and allowed my mind to wander. Baby this and baby that, multicultural mums, gaps in the market, something a bit different, and by the time I reached home I had an idea… 

I emailed Rahil that day, and the brainstorming began.


p.s.  This is going to be a two-part post because:

a) there are two personal points of view to this (mine and Rahil’s),

b) its nice to delegate to your partner sometimes :), and

c) so far you’ve been hearing my voice through all the communication, so I wanted you guys to get to hear his.