Why Zeezeezoo?

I think the most asked question over the past month has been why we decided to name ourselves Zeezeezoo. So here goes:

We spent A LOT of time trying to think of a suitable brand name. I mean discussions upon discussions, and so much back and forth! This was for a few reasons:

1- We would kind of start to like something, and then find that the domain wasn't available - I can't tell you how frustrating it was to love a name and then realise that a domain name snatcher was sitting on it without a site! And this wasn't just once or twice.. this whole domain name occupying business may be smart business, but SO annoying as a start up.  

2- A couple times we realised that a particular reference that was cute or catchy in one culture wasn't as positive in another...

3- And once, we were so so close to finalising a name but didn't run with it due to a not-so-hot response from a couple close friends.

We brought in some help too - and that just led to more opinions and more confusion. Until... this particular name came up. Rahil was an instant fan - he always wanted a name that sounded cool and out of the box. I was a little more hesitant, as I wanted the name to have a deeper meaning and rationale. But once I heard the backstory, I was sold.

Zeezeezoo (and various versions of these syllables) is the buzzy song of a black-throated green warbler. Interesting because this is a migratory bird. And like migratory birds, we as humans travel in search of better, bigger, more interesting opportunities all the time. Whether to another city or another land, we chase our dreams. My dad has done it, my husband has done it, so many of my friends have done it. And as Rahil just reminded me, I have done it. 

And this was a concept that convinced me. The whole idea was born to serve these dreamers who find themselves away from their home, or once-home... the puzzle piece clicked, the domain was available, the name was memorable and likeable.


Do you Zeezeezoo?


p.s. the logo, of course, follows this story... get it?