Organically Speaking

In honour of Earth Day, I wanted to share why we decided to go organic.

On a scale of 1-10 of environmentalism, I would say we are 5s. Rahil and I aren't tree huggers or green activists, but we do care and we don't litter and we'd like to leave the world a better place instead of a worse one.

The decision to go organic was hard and easy at the same time:

As a business, it meant smaller margins and fewer suppliers. 
As a consumer, a mother, an earth-dweller, and a general like-to-do-good kind of person it was safer, healthier, purer, cleaner.

But the best part about starting your own business is that you have the privilege to make decisions that you believe in.

So we chose organic:

For you, to be sure that you are purchasing something pure, and fair.
For your babies, to be comfortable in natural and soft fabric.
For the environment, to be free from harmful chemicals, as non-organic cotton requires more pesticides and insecticides than any other crop.
For the people who pick the cotton, to not have to work in an unsafe and toxic environment to earn their living. And,
for our conscience, to be at peace with the impact of our decisions.

Here are a few interesting facts we came across in our research:

  • Conventionally grown cotton uses 3 percent of the world’s farmland, but 25 percent of the world’s chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers!
  • Cotton is the second most pesticide-laden crop in the world (after coffee).

That is pretty huge, right?

I came across this short video when we were doing our research on organic a few months ago, and thought that it brought the picture to life really simply and beautifully. Have a watch, and choose organic.

Till next time!

p.s. From picking to printing, our supply chain is certified as per the global organic textile standard, GOTS.