One week in!

So we launched!

And it was an interesting week:

We got our first orders (the best seller was… a very close tie between this and this.
We had a fun launch and contest with the awesome folks at hopscotch.in.
We got our first blog review.
And our very own mumpreneur got a mother’s day shout out here.

There was also a bit of teething pain (yes, new moms you know exactly the kind of frustration we mean)… the site went into crazy mode for a few hours on Tuesday morning, and the products took a day or two longer to reach the customers than expected. But thankfully nothing too crazy.

And one very exciting thing - was that we got a few overseas inquiries from customers wanting to buy things for the babies in the US and UK and Middle East and Far East…. to whom we said - we’ll be coming very soon!


The second half of this post is a shout out.

We are so grateful. For all the love and support over the past few months.


To our families who have been our biggest cheerleaders. Our respective sets of parents and siblings, and my in-laws, and my husband, and Sarina. For putting up with us and our non-stop obsession with Zeezeezoo. For encouraging us to follow our dreams.

To our friends. For supporting us and spreading the word and giving us feedback and advice whenever we asked for it.

To our baby models and their mommies- for making our products look even better than we thought they would.

To our first customers. For having the faith to place an order with us.

We couldn’t have done it without you.